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Shri Jyoti Star 6 (Enhanced in V7)

The new enhanced Planetarium shows more stars and gives you the option of choosing whether you are looking South, for the Northern hemisphere, or North for the Southern hemisphere. See which stars are conjoined with planets (one degree of longitude), all the star names or none. the Sun's sphere of combustion is also shown. You can watch eclipses and even how the procession works over centuries and millenia. New: See the Nakshatras and conjunctions with the Yuga Taras (key stars).

Note the words on the top right of the image. Clicking these conveniently changes the view. See also the other examples below with Arabic star names and the last looking North. One shows the view when only conjoined stars are labelled, the other all the stars.

Shri Jyoti Star, redefining ease of use and power in Vedic Astrology software


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