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Shri Jyoti Star 6

Choose an image as background or as wallpaper, put other images at places on the screen - put a picture of the client or your logo or something beautiful and inspiring.

Take your favourite picture and put it behind or beside your chart!!

The fine grid lets you place charts, etc. exactly where you want them!

The possibilities are endless...

like this, transparent chart and table with background and person's photo...

or this, opaque chart with lotus and opaque table and 'fancy' birth data in portrait style ready for printing...

One more, I just love this background. The tiny blue dot on the upper left just above the bright rings is the Earth! thanks to NASA for these great pics.

Note the planets have their degrees and above that the navamsha and the number of the Nakshatra. There are a lot of different choices for info that you can put with the planet names or glyphs. Even the sound that the planet's position is associated with.

Shri Jyoti Star, redefining ease of use and power in Vedic Astrology software


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