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Shri Jyoti Star 6


What's New in Version 6

Completely new layout possibilities for beautiful pages

New and improved charts

New and improved tables

Improved Dashas

Advanced Research Tool and Report Builder and Generator


More Main Screen and Print Design Pages (24)

That's a good Vedic Number. In fact it is unlimited because you can have any number of layout files each with 24 pages.

Improved Grid and Page Control

The dialog you get using Format/Page Wizard gives you a lot of control over the page. These choices only effect the current page so each page can be separately customised.

Beautiful Backgrounds and Borders

In the Page Wizard you can apply any picture you have as wallpaper or a background to your page and set up a border from several style choices.

Pictures or Logos on Screen or Printouts

Now you can position your logo, photo or any other image on your printouts or on any screen. Have several pictures on one page. Put a picture(s) on the page.

Put a Line(s) of Text Anywhere you Want with Adjustable Size.

Choose any English Font for Text

Make very pretty pages by using your choice of a font (does not apply to glyphs).

Improved Undo

If there has just been a drag and drop or drag and swap or resize, then this is reversed. If not, then the page is returned to the state it was in when last saved or the state when you entered the page. Note that a page is temporarily saved when you change pages. To save to disk, select 'File/Save Options and Layouts' or click the button at the top of the main screen with a little disk on it. Undo from the Pages menu or press Ctrl+Z.

Improved Positioning

If 'Fine Grid' is switched on in the Page Wizard, then you can move tables and charts and graphs small distances for fine positioning. If you check 'Show Grid' then you can see the fine grid. Note the cursor changes to give the clue that now where you click defines the top left of any object. Move using drag and drop or drag and swap. The Page Wizard dialog makes it easy for users to setup their page.

Resizing Charts and Graphs

Note the little triangle at the bottom right of these items (when drag, drop and resize is enabled). Grab that with the mouse (cursor changes) and move to where you want the new right bottom to be and let go. It snaps to the grid. Everything is setup in the Page Wizard.

Resize Charts with Window

Work with a less than full size window and everything resizes to fit. Turn this off when you want to retain the size of charts and make the Window smaller. (Find this under the Format menu)

The new flexi layouts will accomodate every size of screen automatically down to a 1x1 format on one of the new pocket size full PCs but also the new very large LCDs and Plasmas. Go to 10x10 and have 100 charts on the screen at once. Some of the current dialogs might not fit in a tiny screen, of course.

Change the Spacing between Charts, etc.

In the Page Wizard, you can control 'Gap Between'. It is a percentage of the width and height of the chart. Pages transferred to a word processor look better with a larger gap. The new flexi pages can be perfectly setup for publishing purposes.

Protecting Your Page

To avoid accidentally changing the page using drag and drop, uncheck 'Drag and Drop Enable'. Check this to enable you to fine position charts, etc. using the mouse. You can also lock the page in the Page Wizard to stop any changes.

Improved Charts

More optimum sizes and a new 'Bigger degrees' option that makes it feasible to see degrees even in small charts. Other new options.

Improved Lotus borders.

Put Om in the middle of all types of charts.

Data in Southern Charts: You can have the birth data in Southern charts towards the bottom. The centre of the chart belongs to the divinity and should never be cluttered.

Many New Right-Click options


Rotate the Northern chart so any rashi is kept at the top. Right-click in the rashi.
Similarly you can right-click on a Graha and make it the Lagna or fix the Lagna based on another chart!!

Very easily choose the colour scheme and which native to apply to a chart.

Copy a chart as an image or vector for pasting elsewhere!! Great for publishing!

Email any chart or page of charts, tables and graphs.

Select Planets and other Objects to see in Charts

New better chooser for what you see in charts. At the very top of the Choices and Options dialog. Choose what you want even the Yogi point and up to 3 Sahams/Arabic parts. Includes many special Ascendants and the Arudha Padas.


Optionally hide the title of a chart. Also cycle between descriptive titles and native names for all charts and tables.

Charts show Entry and Exit Times for the Ascendant in two of the title modes. Use the Title button at the top of the main screen or the right-click menu.

Better Wheels

Western wheels have the Ascendant at the left, not just Aries.

All Divisions chart

This great new innovation, let's you switch between all varga charts with a single click.

New Chakras

Sudarshana Chakra

A triwheel with the Sun, Moon and Lagna at the top in each. There is a whole chapter in Parashara on this, use only for charts where each of these Lagnas is different.

Sarvato Bhadra Chakra

This unique Nakshatra chart let's you see things not possible with any other kind of chart. It is considered very important for financial matters as well as relationships. It shows special aspects called Vedhas. Benefics cast helpful Vedhas and malefics cast evil ones. You can even see the tithis, rashis and letters affected. A new table computes all the things you need from this chart (see below).

Kota Chakra with Tara Bala labelling (colour coded for quality)

This always has the Moon's Nakshtra in the top left. The following Nakshatras are numbered so you can see at a glance the position of everything in the Tara Bala and the 3, 5, and 7 th stars are given the debilitation colour so they are distinguished. The Birth star has a different colour too as it is only of mixed benefit. The cycles (Parayayas) are also easy to see (there are 3 cycles of 9 stars from the birth Nakshatra and the Dasha results vary in strength and onset according to this placement).

Kala Chakra

Similar to the Kota Chakra but based on the Sun's position and includes the Tithis and the deities and rulers of the directions.

Teaching Example Charts

Create a chart with your choice of planets and which signs they fall in. You also define the chart title, if one is needed. Wonderful for teaching and presentations. Charts created in Shri Jyoti Star 6 can be easily copied and pasted into MS Power Point, Word and many other publishing applications.

Cool New Graphs!!

Muhurta Graphs

Several cool graphs with various options many accessible by clicking the switches at the top.

Two neat features are the mark which shows the exact position of the reference chart on the graph and the thermometer which shows the strength and virtue of this point. Move this mark around with the usual Increment Buttons at the top or on the Time Change Bar or (very cool) just grab it with the mouse and put it right where you want it. It evens moves to the next/previous time frame if you pull the mark beyond the date range shown.

Work with the changes in the Rashi chart or combine with one of the divisional charts to better deal with a particular issue like career or relationships. Have your own choice of charts and tables next to the graph. Easy one-click zooming to a shorter or longer period.

Have your own choice of charts and tables next to the graph. Shri Jyoti Star 6 let's you have exactly what you need on the page together.

Two types of colour coding. A new method called 'Traffic Light' which has three levels (obviously) and a finer scoring scheme with 6 levels.

The Thermometer gives you a quick heads up on the strength of the lagna and the other factors at the moment

Panchang and related values over a month, week or day.

Find a good day and time in a flash. It's easy visually. the graphs are customised to a topic such as travel, marriage, conceiving, buying, selling, and dozens more.

Ascendant and planet strengths continuously over a week or day.

This uses either a simple view of whether the Ascendant and planets are in the divisions of natural benefics (an important consideration) or a very sophisticated computation of strength including which house the planets are in moment by moment. This uses the Rashi (D1) plus (optionally) one divisional (varga) chart depending on the topic (choose the varga by just a click at the top).

We recommend you start with just the rashis of the Ascendant and the planets and then zoom in to a time of interest using the divisions of interest (i.e. D9 for relationships and general matters, D10 for career, etc.).

These graphs make assessing a period of time and finding the best moments a snap! See at a glance which planets are in trouble and make sure the ones critical to your event are in good shape.

Impact on Natal Planets

Similar to the graph described above but looks at the impact on the natal chart of the transitting planets. When natal planets are under stress or beneficial influence it shows in the colour coding.

Retrogression at a glance

A graph showing over a year or a month when planets are retrograde.

Improved Dashas

Click the first column of the date (month in US style) and focus that Dasha/Bhukti etc. It moves to the top where you can increase or decrease the levels from that point using the switches at the top.

Click the second column and get a chart calculated for that time.

See which of the Conditional Dashas apply to a chart in the Dasha page of the dialog (marked with an asterix).

Much more control over the size of the Dasha box. Make it wider and you get columns, or opt for full page even on the main screen pages.

Improved dialog page.

Improved Tables

Improved Tables page with an alphabetical list of all tables, some duplicated under different headings so the key features are easier to find.

New: Graha Samaya tables give a mini-report on planetary conditions. SarvatoBhadra Vedha Tables give all you need for analising the special aspects and Nakshatras in the SarvatoBhadra Chakra including the impact of one chart (like a transit chart) on another.

Custom Tables

Cool feature. Create your own custom tables choosing from a long list of possible columns and define your own title.

Resizable Smart Presentation of the Birth Data and Resizable Line of Text

Make a nice heading for a chart and put a blessing at the bottom (for example).

Advanced Research Tool and Report Builder

In v5 you could search for about 6000 different combinations. In v6 this is effectively in the millions and yet is very easy to use with everything just requiring a few clicks. You can search for all kinds of planetary combinations but also combinations that include special ascendants, karakas like the Atma Karaka, house lords and Arudhas plus Panchanga elements such as being in certain lunar days, yogas, etc.

Reports made up of a sequence of combinations each with text along with an optional introduction and postscript, title and author, etc. can be very easily built and printed with a smart title page if required using the...

Report Generator

After you create a report or if you have reports already created, then you can view and print them using the report generator. Reports open in your favourite word processor.

Multiple Natives on each screen

Have up to 35 different people’s charts and tables on a page. Close the program and go right back to where you were with all the same people (press F8 in Data Entry just after start up). You can use this feature to have many Annual charts on screen simultaneously or many other types of events or entities like country or first trade charts.

Enhanced Astromapping

The new mapping let's you zoom in where you want. You can see cities. The usability is improved and printing of maps is also enhanced.

Data and Notes/Bios

Import from Solar Fire 5 files including bios and get charts from AstroDataBank with bios when you click 'Chart' in ADB.

View and edit Bios and Notes in the main screen. Stays on top. A really useful feature!

Button Bars!!

Speedbuttons make many common choices just a click away. This makes working in both Data Entry and the main screen fast and easy.

Improved Choices and Options Dialog

Improved Charts page: All the common charts on the left, all the options separated on the right. Advanced charts slightly hidden on a separate tab in the middle. Vargas on the other tab.

Other pages also improved. Switching on and off glyphs is just a click - top right of Global Options.

Email a chart, a page of charts, layouts, chart data or just send messages to clients

Copy any chart (table or graph) and paste into another application as image or vector object (best for publishing)

Improved Layout Examples and these are now Customisable

New improved Help file with new tutorials

Updated Atlas with latest Time Changes (USA, Canada, Australia)

Much improved Varshphal including multiple years on one page, new Varshphal tutorial

Nicer Startup

Shri Jyoti Star, redefining ease of use and power in Vedic Astrology software


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