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Vedic Astrology and the 2008 US Presidential Election

This article considers the charts of John McCain, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul are fine candidates and we may study their charts later. This was posted before polls closed on Feb. 12th but prepared several days earlier.

The main idea is twofold. First, is the chart strong at the time of the election? Secondly, does it resonate with the national chart? We correctly predicted the last two US Presidential elections using these principles. In 1999, the USA started a major 10 year period of the Moon. The Moon is the weakest planet in the chart and indicates many difficult experiences during its period. In November 2000, two candidates stood for election. Both of them had Ascendants ruled by the Moon. normally, this Ascendant would not be advisable for the US but at that time it was part of the destiny. Looking at the charts at the time of the election, it was obvious that both charts were equally strong but that Gov. George W. Bush's chart became stronger in December while that of VP Al Gore became weaker. I therefore predicted that it would be settled for Bush in December. It doesn't matter how this came about, the destiny had to express itself. Even if more people voted for Gore, and even in Florida, as subsequent research appeared to indicate, it was not for him. Looking from a distance, Al Gore has done much better for the world and himself out of politics. Left free of politics he has proved one of the outstanding leaders of our time.

President Bush's chart remained strong through the 2004 election and weakened noticeably in 2006. His strong planet is Mars, activated through until 2006, and he will be remembered as the self-proclaimed 'war president'. Pres. Bill Clinton was in power during the major period of the Sun and Pres. Bush was the man in front for the period of the Moon. The quality of the relative periods reflect the destiny set in motion long before.

What now? The USA is about to enter a period of Mars. Mars is much better placed than the Moon. Mars is responsible for many things including the tremendous success in technology and engineering as well as the relationship with military leaders around the world. The next president needs to represent that.

John McCain is strongly Mercury. He has a superb Mercury and this has made him an outstanding leader for the USA. He enters a major period of Mercury next year which will be excellent for him. His soul planet is Venus in royal Leo. With his Sun also in Leo being activated by the Moon, Mercury and Venus, his leadership capacity and destiny is exceptional. However, the problem for him in 2008 appears to be the lack of connection to the upcoming period of Mars. Even if he doesn't win in November, he will make a great contribution to the destiny of his country in coming years.


Hilary Rodham Clinton is another great person. There is much doubt over her birth time so I have made my own rectification. At around 1:35am she has an exceptional strong Leo Ascendant. It gives a royal yoga activated between 1992 and 1999 brought about by Jupiter, significator of husband. Since then she has been in a period of Venus which rules her own career and shows an independent and strong status. Venus is strong in Libra, its own sign and positively associated with the Sun, chart ruler and indicator of rulership. When I first analyzed her chart with Obama's in April 2007, I gave him an edge but recognized the great strength in her chart. Since late 2006, she has been in the sub-period of Rahu and Rahu is exalted in the 10th house which is more than capable of giving high position. Both she and Barack have Rahu in the 10th indicating that they represent normally underrepresented classes of people in government. Rahu is also her soul planet making this 'her time'. However, with all her strength, again one has to ask where is the connection to Mars? Whatever happens, she will continue to make a great contribution to her country and beyond.


Barack Obama is also a great soul. His soul planet is Mars making him the man of the moment. His chart has a Libra Ascendant. Libra is one of the great leadership Ascendants and associated with social reformers. They want fair treatment for all and are ready to fight for it. Being ruled by Venus, and with his Moon exalted in the other sign of Venus, he has tremendous charisma. Venus gives Bill Clinton charisma also. Others have various good qualities but charisma counts for a lot in our world. With the Sun in Cancer, he is a gentle soul at heart but his Moon in Taurus makes him very strong and stable. He is a safe pair of hands for a great nation. His Sun is powerful near the mid heaven and his Mars is strong in royal Leo in the house of gains. It is precisely this that makes him destined for high position. It is interesting that his Mars is exactly conjunct Senator McCain's Venus. The two soul planets meet in royal Leo where they compete for kingship (as it were). Senator Obama wins because Mars is the planet of the hour. His cycle in November is Jupiter Sun. Jupiter is with Saturn that gives a royal yoga and is powerful because it is retrograde. The Sun in the 10th as lord of the house of gains indicates gain of high position. (Update - new birth time)

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