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Easter Sunday, 31 March 2013


Early in October 2012, while travelling from India, I met a leading Catholic commentator. He was interested in my work as a Vedic Astrologer and I gave him two predictions. That Obama would win the upcoming election and that there would be a revival in the Roman Catholic church. Obama won, of course, and now we have a new Pope and every reason to expect that his leadership will bring about a revival. The foundation of this is the saintly and principled nature of Pope Francis. If anyone had any doubt about this, one need look no further than his birth chart, which we show below. The time is based on his birth certificate.


This chart is truly outstanding. It contains a combination of Sun, Rahu and Jupiter in an angle to the Ascendant in Sagittarius, which is indicative of a distinct spiritual tendency. Furthermore, as Rahu is the Atmakaraka (AK) or soul planet, this is one of the best possible combinations for genuine humility. He is completely possessed with the righteousness of Jupiter and Sagittarius and yet thinks of himself as a ‘sinner’. Without that, one can easily slip into bad habits.

Here is the Navamsha chart of Pope Francis. The Navamsha chart shows the inner tendencies of a person as well as matters pertaining to marriage. Pisces rises with its lord Jupiter exalted. Jupiter is the marker of priests and teachers and in this highly elevated form is most fitting for the head of a great church. Mercury is also exalted in the 7th house showing a fine intelligence without pretence. In the 4th from the Moon, it also shows healing power and I am sure that miracles will take place and, as a result of his exemplary life and these signs, after his passing there will be a demand for his canonization. I'm sure the Pope would strenously object to the idea of his elevation but that is part of his worthiness.

Another consequence of Mercury in Virgo in the place of marriage surrounded by Mars and Ketu is the willing acceptance of celibacy. He surely feels that that is the ideal of priestly life and is thus unlikely to bend on this. On the other hand, he, like the great saint before, will set an example that will quieten many of the agitators for radical change.


It is interesting to try to find the chart for St Francis, who the Pope takes as his inspiration. Uncertainty surrounds his date of birth but it is believed that it was late November, likely the 26th, in the year 1181 or 1182. Below is the chart cast for 26th November 1181. In my estimation, the 1182 chart lacks the capacity to reflect the life he lived. This chart has a divine yoga (Dakshinamurti), which finds a degree of reflection in the chart of the current Pope. This yoga involves the AK, Rahu and Jupiter. Venus and Mercury rising show his sweet and magnetic character and presence and the chart also shows his willingness to adopt complete poverty due to the position of Ketu in the house of wealth and the dominance of a glorious and pure Saturn, which is the AtmaKaraka, especially its influence on the Moon, which it joins in Cancer. Ketu shows what can give up and Saturn the capacity to be dispassionate. While Saturn in the 8th can indicate a long life, as AK it shows the capacity to determine one’s own destiny.

Readers will note the dominance of Sagittarius in both charts and the Moon in the 8th house. When Jupiter and its signs are strong and the Moon is in the 8th, wisdom can predominate over indulgence. The Moon makes one aware of one’s sins and Jupiter makes one take a very high road to redemption. Both charts have the touch of Venus and Mercury, making their personalities charming and their speech intelligent and attractive. The association of the Moon with Saturn supports an ascetic life. In the Pope’s chart the Moon is in a sign of Saturn, which trines the ascendant. In the chart of St Francis, this reaches a very profound level with Saturn accompanying the Moon and aspecting the Ascendant ruler.


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