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Sen. Barack Obama - Update

Recently Senator Obama posted his birth certificate showing that he was born at 7:24 pm. In the previous article, a time of 1:06 pm had been used which gave a Libra Ascendant. The 7:24 pm time gives a Capricorn Ascendant. Good astrologers will note that this gives a Libra Arudha Ascendant, which actually emphasises the points made with reference to Libra. However, the main prediction regarding his winning the election was based on his soul planet Mars and this is unchanged by the birth time shift. He is still on course to become the next President. The updated time does affect predictions about his time in office but we will not cover that here except to say that in the future he will face difficulties from subordinates so he must be careful who he selects for key posts. They should be loyal.

It can be noted that his opponents are characterised by Mercury which shows both Sen. McCain and Sen. Clinton (which doesn't mean they can't get along fine as colleagues). Sen Obama has an edge but it is a fine edge. It is very difficult to beat him but he also has to work hard to win. At the time of the election in November he is in a Jupiter Moon period and his Moon is opposite the mid-heaven giving strong support for his status and career. It is also the exalted lord of the 10th from his Arudha indicating high status, albeit indicating the inner and outer struggles he has to endure.



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