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North Korea, a threat to take seriously

March 27, 2013

Anyone following the news will have noticed that North Korea is threatening to attack South Korea and the USA. This could include nuclear weapons. Many in the world are assuming this is all bluster. Given that North Korea has a new leader, however, the past is not necessarily proof of the future. Furthermore, one war and many minor attacks have occurred in the past. The Korean War began with a fake training exercise (on the part of the North) so it makes sense that they might feel very nervous when the South and the US are holding major military exercises. Previously, President Clinton repeatedly cancelled the annual exercises to avoid antagonizing the North. According to a listing of US military exercises, during the presidency of George W. Bush there were no joint exercises specifically with South Korea. The current administration has held joint exercises with the South Koreans in 2010, 2012 and 2013.

The current situation has arisen as we approach a period of a few weeks where the transiting planets are extremely intense. All of the fiery planets (Sun, Mars, Ketu) will be in the cardinal fire sign of Aries from the 14th April* and all the storm planets (Saturn, Rahu) are already in the cardinal air sign of Libra fully aspected by violent Mars.  On April 25 there is a Lunar eclipse and on May 9 - 10 a Solar one. Both bode ill and this makes the coming months unstable even though the transits greatly improve after May 23rd as Mars leaves the company of Ketu in Aries.

We know that when Rahu is aspected by Mars, terrorist-type incidents are likely (such as 9/11[see Postnote below]) and this transit is greatly aggravated by Saturn and the other planets involved. Jupiter in Taurus provides only limited protection.  Thus, the stage is set for a potentially very negative event(s), although difficult transits indicate risk rather than certainty. The transits are global so all varieties of possibilities exist, including natural disasters. To see what the risks are in Korea, we here look at the charts of the players involved.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) was solemnly announced on the 9th of September 1948. If this occurred at 10:00 am (time is unknown), then the chart is as below. Some astrologers have used times in the night and on the 10th. The Moon moves to Jyestha but remains in Scorpio. However, the 10:00 am chart on the 9th or a similar time on the 10th is a kind-of worst case scenario, as far as the danger of violent events. We cannot forget that one war has already occurred and that war was never concluded despite occasional positive talk. Tension has remained high with sporadic incidents.

The chart below is both threatening and powerful. The ruler, Venus, is in the 10th house of high status aspected by Jupiter from a martial sign. The Sun is in its own sign in the 11th so there is great pride in the leaders and the people despite their difficulties, which are not easily overcome. The benefics in the 2nd and 12th provide much support, so the dynasty cannot be easily displaced.


The new leader is thought to have been born on 8th January 1983 in Pyongyang. This was revealed by his family’s former sushi chef [1].  The time is unknown. While other years have been mooted, none provide a chart that seems credible.

Let us suppose he was born around 8:45am. Then his chart is as below. The chart shows good intelligence. His Mars is exceptionally dominant and at the time chosen, both Mars and Saturn are promising ‘kingship’. The strength of Saturn shows that the well-being of the people could improve under his leadership. Like President Obama, his Atmakaraka is Mars, a clear sign of a powerful leader and warrior. Jupiter is in the same sign as in the country’s chart and is in the 11th house of one’s desired aim in life. As there is a parivartana between Jupiter and Ketu and Ketu is with the Sun, then consciously or unconsciously he has been headed for the highest leadership since birth. The main problem with this chart is the involvement of the 12th house, where the Sun is placed, which could severely endanger himself and the country if he launches any major act of aggression. He is very proud and will never respond well to any kind of pressure. He is likely quite charming in person and it is best to try to nuture a positive relationship with him, even though this may ultimately fail.

It is Jupiter who has brought him to power and so it seems too early for a great tragedy to occur. Even if nothing substantial happens this year, it would be a grave mistake to assume that the future will be uneventful. Tensions are building between the great and ancient countries of the region, mainly over oil and gas drilling rights, and as fuel resources become scarcer, any source of instability could lead to a very dire escalation.



Below is the chart of the upcoming Solar eclipse cast for Washington, DC, USA, where Scorpio has just started to rise. The two benefics Jupiter and Venus are in the 7th, which is favourable for the country’s external relationships but a few moments earlier, they were in the 8th with great affliction on the Ascendant creating a degree of uncertainty. Even with Scorpio rising, the focus is on the 6th house, which has quite an aggressive tone. In Seoul and Pyongyang, Gemini and Punarvasu are rising with Taurus navamsha with the Sun Moon conjunction in Scorpio navamsha. This is more troubled than the USA Scorpio chart as the benefics are in the 12th and the chart ruler is caught up in the 11th with the fiery planets. This shows a greater risk of troubling events. The navamsha gives some encouragement that wise councils can be entertained and peace maintained despite an atmosphere of aggression.




*Postnote: The Boston Marathon bombing occured early April 15 at 2:49pm. This was the worst terrorist event in the USA since 9/11/2001.

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