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Warning: Nov 29 to Jan 18 2010, Mars is in Mula with Rahu. This is a dangerous time and everyone should take care.

This combination is capable of terrorist attacks, aircraft accidents and natural disasters but can also effect finances and financial structures especially as, this year, Mercury is heavily involved. Apart from collective calamities which may occur, many small personal challenges can arise. Here are some events associated with past occurrences though not, of course, the same total planetary scenario. The position of Saturn in Virgo this year makes this transit more dangerous. From the 6th December when the Moon reaches Mars and Rahu, which normally would be the most dangerous day, Jupiter reenters Pisces giving some protection. Below, some events are given from the last few occasions when Mars conjuncted or tightly aspected Rahu in Mula. (Note: September 11, 2001 was Mars in Mula and Rahu opposite).

[The transit so far: Extreme weather - as in 1881, Southern UK and much of the rest of the country was paralysed by exceptional snow fall, starting Nov. 29. A massive fire blazed in Northern Israel described as a major disaster by the Israeli PM. The worst blizzards in 20 years struck the US Midwest (the second strongest storm ever to hit the Great Lakes area as measured by the barometric pressure at the storm’s center) and even Canada had exceptionally severe weather (according to the CBC). For perhaps the first time in human history many of the world's top leaders were simultaneously humiliated by the publishing of internal State Department cables by the web site WikiLeaks. The UK were particularly humiliated and at the same time their Alpha leaders were rebuffed by FIFA after an extraordinary effort. The WikiLeaks founder was thrown in jail (apparently coincidentally) and the site came under attack and its access to funds were closed down. The hacker community fought back with DOS attacks on major corporations involved such as MasterCard. The Guardian headline read 'The first global cyber war has begun, claims hackers'. Ireland issued a particularly severe austerity budget while cutbacks in education was passed in the UK and students rioted smashing buildings and the Prince of Wales' car. Rioting occurred in Russia, Greece and Italy. With the involvement of Mercury in the Mula transit, communication and finance factors should figure. A few hours before the exact Mars Rahu conjunction, a terrorist attack took place in Stockholm. UK gas/petrol prices reached an all-time high, a small intimation of what is to come.]

September 2, 1992. Rahu in Mula, Mars opposite. 7.6 earthquake off Nicaragua producing a 10m tsunami killing 116+ people. September 11, Hurricane Iniki hits the Hawaiian Islands, primarily Kauai, with devastating effect. 16 September, the British Pound was forced out of the European Exchange Rate mechanism, a humiliating event for the UK Government famous as 'Black Wednesday'. The Italian Lira was also forced out. September 23, a large Provisional IRA bomb explodes in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

June 1955 passed quite peacefully except for a terrible crash at Le Mans which killed 100 people, but Jupiter was close to its greatest exaltation which gives great protection.

June, July 1936. Major heat wave in the USA, thousands die.

November 1936. Rahu in Mula aspected by Mars in exact square. Germany and Italy and Germany and Japan form alliances. The German air force starts bombing Madrid.

Dec. 1917 to March 1918 and briefly in June 1918. Rahu in Mula aspected by Mars in square from Virgo. Appalling slaughter in the battlefields of the 1st World War throughout. The square was most exact in March 1917- Start of the Spanish flu which killed millions. December 6, the Halifax Explosion killing at least 1,963 people, injuring 9,000 and destroying part of the city (until Hiroshima, the biggest manmade explosion in recorded history).

17-18 January 1881. Exceptionally severe snow storm paralyses Southern UK. January 16 to January 24 – Siege of Geok Tepe: Russian troops under General Mikhail Skobelev defeat the Turkomans.

February 1862. American Civil War, first victories of the USA.

September 3, 1843. Popular uprising in Athens, Greece, including citizens and military captains, to require from King Otto to issue a liberal Constitution to the state, which was governed since independence (1830) by various domestic and foreign centres of profits.

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