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British Association for Vedic Astrology (BAVA)

Pdt Sanjay Rath


Hart deFouw - Jyotish Master and Teacher

Komilla Sutton (Co-founder of BAVA)

Visti Larsen, Jyotishi in Denmark

Jaimini Scholar Program

Yagya Resources

Ammachi Yagyas

Vedic Yagya Center of Pandit Samavedula

Yagyas in Navadwip

Link Partners

Hank Friedman's Ultimate Guide to Astrology Software, with a weekly blog, tutorials, reviews, and more.

Kanteiya Hidekichi, Vedic Astrology in Japan

Netera Publishing - Indian Alchemy, Rasa Shastra, Behavioural Iridology
Correspondence Courses, Giclee Prints

Juliana Swanson Vedic astrology on the big island

Pam Carruthers in Brighton - Consultations

Vaughn Paul Manley - Online vedic Astrology course, daily articles, astro-profiles of celebrities and more

Vedische Astrologie - Nick and Gudrun offer courses, books, and much more

Yantra and Deity paintings, sacred art workshops and travel to India

Robin Manteris Astrological consultations including minor asteroids focussed on real life problems



Lorne and Lucia

Watch This Amazing Movie (Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand), A Work of Art with a Critical Message 

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