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The Joplin Tornado, Adolf Hitler and more

On May 23, 2011 at 5 41pm a tornado struck Joplin causing 124 deaths (this figure will likely rise) and 750 injured, some very seriously. This is the worst tornado in the US since April 6, 1936. In the '30s warning systems and forecasting were quite primitive compared with today.

The Vedic Astrological chart for the touchdown of the Joplin tornado has a predominant and striking feature. Libra was rising (on the Eastern horizon) and its ruler Venus was in planetary war with Mars in Aries.

Joplin Tornado chart

A planetary war occurs when two regular planets (not the luminaries) are within one degree of each other. According to Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra, this causes a transfer of power from the looser to the winner and if Venus is involved, she wins due to her greater brilliance. The chart is ruled by Venus, lord of Libra, which is ever eager to cause social transformation. When charged by the violence of Mars in a sign of Mars, here Aries, the 7th house representing the people, great danger looms for the people.

We know this particularly because this is a core feature in the chart of Adolf Hitler who caused terrible suffering for countless people.

Hitler chart

Just as some (few) people were left untouched by Hitler, this combination as it arises from time to time touches only certain persons or places and a human can wreak extraordinary havoc compared to a moment of nature's fury, unless she is exceptionally enraged. Of course, Hitler's chart has multiple danger signs in it in addition to the core violence emanating from the planetary war.

If we track back to the last time this combination occurred we come to June 23, 2009 when a terrible crash occurred on the Washington, DC Metro, the deadliest on record for that system (more info).

Metrorail crash

One key difference between Hitler's chart and the other two is that the great protector Jupiter is well positioned in the two event charts while it is effectively disabled from controlling the person in the 3rd house in Hitler's chart.

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