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Editorial (BAVA Print Journal Gochara)

Welcome to the April 2012 issue of Gochara. BAVA has made it past its 15th birthday and it is all thanks to you, the members and contributors, faculty and friends. While many people were worried about 2012, we saw in last years special conference that it is a vast turning point but not a cataclysmic Hollywood-style end-of-the-world though many of the difficulties that will arise will seem big to those involved. A new age is beginning for mankind but we will not fully see how this is unfolding for some time.  

Right now, the predictions about climate change are proving much too accurate. The people who have their head in the sand regarding the rundown of critical natural resources such as fresh water and fossil fuels, especially oil, must be starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we can't demand ongoing significant growth from an oil-based economy when oil supplies are gradually but inexorably tightening. We have had several years of compensating by printing money. Momentarily, there was an illusion of a boom and then the inevitable pulling back, which some countries are only just beginning to fully experience.  

In the last editorial, I commented on how we use oil and gas to produce machines like windmills and solar cells. This did not mean I am discouraging that production, quite the opposite, making devices to provide renewable energy should be a top priority. This will be especially true if energy supplies become scarce. There is the possibility that we will succeed in exploiting nuclear fusion and can thereby generate ample supplies of electricity. At this point, fusion seems the only way to produce electricity at the levels we have come to expect, wind, tidal and solar can only realistically supply a minority of the current demand and nuclear fission is not an option due to dwindling uranium supplies (according to official data). It can contribute just a small proportion of our energy demand for a few decades.

Fusion Patents


The exciting news is that, while government efforts to develop fusion reactors in Europe and the USA are very far short of success, a Canadian private company General Fusion is working on an idea that experts say is a long shot but could work. Unfortunately, there are no dates available on the web except that there is a patent application published 7/9/2006 (September). I picked 9am as that is the time the patent office likely opens and Washington, DC because it is a US patent. Strikingly, this gives an Ascendant with Mars and Ketu in Virgo with the Sun in Leo squeezed between Saturn and Mars / Ketu, this is a clear indication for fusion. There is a Shubha Kartari around Virgo involving all the benefics except the Moon. Whatever the correct time, this looks promising. The patent was filed with the Moon in Mula (4/3/2005) and both charts have Rahu as the Atmakaraka. Rahu is deposited by Jupiter by Rashi and Nakshatra and Jupiter dasha has started in 2010, which is also encouraging. However, if this Ascendant is correct then Jupiter may bring obstacles and delays even though it will develop the project.

The 2012 USA Presidential Election

It has been obvious for some time, since before the last US election, that Barack Obama has a high likelihood of serving two terms. On the level of surface appearance, in 2008 the Republican party did not fully throw itself behind their candidate and this time they seem even more ambivalent about their choices. While it may seem clear that none of them have that great a chance despite the extent of Republican enthusiasm to remove President Obama, it is interesting to review the candidates and see what we can learn from their charts. One particular consideration that we can make is to look at the grahas in the first house.

A sign rising with planets has more weight than one without. That weight can often be a burden and those with no planets are perhaps lucky but when it comes to competition, the planets contribute considerably. Benefics provide different kinds of attractiveness, the Moon belovedness, Jupiter the sense of a learned and trustworthy person, Mercury wit and intelligence, Venus pure charisma. The malefics also give weight but they inspire respect rather than attractiveness. Saturn often makes leaders but we all know the various downsides of the malefics so there is no need to dwell on it. The nodes in particular are tough and don't make convincing people to vote for you that easy. Even though Raja Yogas may lift you up but there can be plenty of critics.

As we know President Obama has a very strong Ascendant with Saturn in its own sign with Jupiter, whose debilitation is cancelled by Saturn and its own retrogression making it act as if exalted.

Mittt Romney

Gov. Mitt Romney has Taurus rising with Rahu. Lagna lord Venus is in Capricorn in the 9th house, so it is no surprise he became a venture capitalist and prospered. Note the very close conjunction of Jupiter and the Moon in the 7th house which is his particular strength as a person.

It is also important that Governor Romney has a marvellous Raja Yoga in the 10th. It is noticeable that his speeches appear to be focussed on persuading people that he is 'one of them' and his critics project the opposite which comes back to the first house debate. Some people consider Rahu exalted in Taurus and it is certainly strong there.

Speaker Gingrich has undoubtedly acquired fame but even in his own party he stands out, a typical consequence of Ketu in the first. Ketu is said to be a flag so it can give fame but always as someone different and who may feel isolated. His great strength is the exalted Jupiter in the 7th.  His marital history owes more to the lord, Moon, in the 12th and the presence of Rahu and Venus. Wherever Rahu falls, that is the place that your critics will find fault.

Senator Rick Santorum's time of birth is not known. I have rectified his chart, though not to the minute. The Jupiter Rahu combination in the first is powerful and it also activates the Raja Yoga in the 5th house. His Lagna lord is exalted and in Parivartana (exchange) with Jupiter in the First. This is a sure fire combination for lawyers and politicians, combative professions involved with justice and social issues and for someone who can achieve a great status. Of course, it also gives you powerful enemies.

Rick Santorum

A key factor in deciding this chart's Ascendant  (as well as in general analysis) is the choice of the Atmakaraka. In Sen. Santorum's case, it could be Moon or Sun. While both are 'royal', the Sun is more strongly motivated to become a politician. As we will see, all these gentlemen are associated with the Sun or Leo. With Libra rising Santorum has the Sun as his soul planet and the Sun is exalted in Aries. Earlier times in the day have the Moon. Libra puts Jupiter and Rahu in the ascendant and this makes him seen as a conservative by some and controversial by others. Mitt Romney is also the Sun, without which he would have stayed in business. Newt Gingrich is Saturn which is in Leo navamsha. President Obama, of course, is Mars in Leo, a classic commander-in-chief combination.

Newt Gingrich

Ron Paul is a Venus Atmakaraka and Venus is in Leo, the classic position where we find many other leaders' Atmakarakas like Pres. Obama, Pres. Medyedev, Sen. John McCain, etc. Leo makes you go for politics but Venus is less aggressive and often goes for social or principled based issues (like Sen. Santorum's Libra rising). His Sun, the natural Atmakaraka, is also in Leo. Rep. Paul's time of birth is also unknown so this is a rectified chart based on his biography but not to the minute, just to the rising sign. If this chart is correct, then he is the only candidate without any planets in the first house but it is ruled by Jupiter which falls in the 8th house of banking and accountancy. While there are clear indications for medicine, the interest in monetary policy is also clear. The strong following he has is shown by the exalted 5th lord with the Arudha.

Ron Paul

In summary, we see that President Obama has by far the strongest first house and thus the best chance to win. Mitt Romney dominates over Santorum who has an advantage over the others. Why? Gov. Romney's Rahu in Taurus is much stronger than Sen. Santorum's in Libra. Jupiter in Libra is not very helpful as the 6th lord and in an enemy sign. That is, it gets him some of the religious vote but too many enemies to achieve the highest prize. In saying this, there is no comment being made about the relative merits of the candidates all of whom have made great contributions to the public life of the USA, we are simply discussing the relative strength of the charts (birth times) from the point of view of the dominant house in the chart.

One major problem facing Gov. Romney is the transit of Ketu over his Ascendant sign. The initial front-runner, Gov. Rick Perry also has Taurus Lagna, but without planets, and he faltered quickly despite many good yogas.


The transit of the nodes through Taurus and Scorpio have caused some financial difficulties, especially at the beginning. Right now the bankers are declaring 'problem sorted' but that is likely an illusion. Anuradha is rather a benign Nakshatra, but it represents abundance so Rahu is disturbing that. People are struggling while the tip of the economic pyramid is accumulating and spending like never before.

A very interesting law of nature is called the Power Law. In its simplest form, this says that in any group, 80% of the resources will be held by 20% of the members (and visa versa). This law overrides communism, capitalism or any other system as it represents the natural distribution of things. However, with effort, a distortion can be generated where the percentages change. In such a case, an invisible force will appear to redress the balance. In the USA, the second most unequal country by certain accounts, the bottom 80% have 12.8% of the wealth. That means that there will be a natural resistance arising, typically by way of social discontent, but other things can happen. Thus, the only intelligent approach is to try to conform to the law of nature because then there is a kind of content in society as somehow people feel things are reasonably fair. Unfortunately, greed usually pays scant attention to sanity.

That said, we should watch out for Rahu reaching the debilitation point of the Moon at 3 degrees Scorpio on the 27th October. Rahu enters Vishakha on the 21st so October could generate some instabilities even though it will be a moment of awakening for some who are spiritually attuned. The Vishakha transit may effect food supplies. In essence it is about rapacious behaviour so the debate about the loss of our natural capital, the water, food, flora and fauna, etc. may well take another turn.

Editor, 23 March 2012


Andrew Foss is President of BAVA and the author of the leading Vedic Software Shri Jyoti Star. He is a Jaimini Scholar and has a PhD in Data Mining. He teaches and consults in Jyotish. Web site, email, phone +1-202-657-5432 (USA)/0207-193-7517 (UK).

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